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Our Services

We cover a wide variety of services for all of your welder codings and non-destructive testing needs.

Welding Qualifications:

  • BS 4872

  • BS EN ISO 9606

  • BS EN ISO 15614


*other standards are available on request*

Non Destructive Testing:

  • Visual Inspection

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection.

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection.

  • Ultrasonic Testing.

  • Positive Material Identification.

Non-Destructive Testing

Thorough Non-Destructive Testing throughout the UK and Ireland for all weldments and metallic materials including detailed reports.

Do you need different service?

Contact us to see if we can help. 

Welder procedure & Qualification testing


witnessing services in accordance with all current standards across the UK and Ireland.

Mechanical & material testing

We offer a full range of Mechanical Testing. All tests are carried out in a state of the art UKAS laboratory and all results are supplied with detailed documentation.

UKCA & CE Marking

(BS EN 1090)

Gain accreditation for all UKCA and CE marking for fabricated structural steel and aluminium products. We can also act as your nominated Responsible Welding Coordinator.

We are


We cover all your witnessing and testing needs and well respected within the industry. All our staff are fully qualified to a high standard.

Hassle Free - guaranteed

Our staff are courteous and friendly and easily contactable. Working with us is hassle free.


UK Coverage

We offer fast response times and cover anywhere in the UK.

Competitive on price

Each and every job is competitively priced - try us, you may be surprised how much you can save.

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